Sere'quen Llefen

Wine Merchant


Age: late 500s
Build: Short (for an elf), spindly
hair: Black high ponytail
eyes: Dark, bulbous but still small for an elf

A small ugly looking elf (to humans he looks fine) wears the latest fashions with an almost hedonistic sense of style.


Originally from Yvresse, Sere’quen is a minor player in the diplomatic machine that is house Llefen. Serequen is close friends with his cousin Ufiel who is engaged to House Ieronessa heiress Anierra Ierrionessa. During Anierra’s promising to his cousin, Serequen attempted to molest the then fifteen year old but was fought off by her unusually strong tenacity.

Some time later due to an unspecified scandal Sere’quen was banished from Ulthuan and sent to manage the Llefens business concerns in the human city of Ubersreik. Sere’quen loathes humans passionately and hates his position in the back water city. Sere’quen’s life was beginning to become routine and boring in the old world until, after 85 years, “the one that got away” turned up on his doorstep inquiring about a position in is house. Sere’quen did not appreciate the way Anierra treated him during his last encounter, he had expected her to docile and willing, none of the other girls had successfully fought him, why did she? Now she was back, true she was all grown up and a swordsmaster to boot but all Sere’quen could only see was the scared little girl behind the bath houses and he would have his revenge.

No-one escapes Sere’quen Llefen.

The party Anierra Ierrionessa, Ricknar Rithur, Klaus von Meyer, Friedrich Nöbbelmeis von Baumenrauch, Brieg met Caoifell in the adventure “Revenant” when Anierra went looking for job opportunities in the two Elven merchant houses in Ubersreik. The only reason why she talked to him was at the request of Caoifell L’eth Heirrannai

Sere'quen Llefen

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