Friedrich Taalherz

Human, Reiklander - Performer/Gambler


A failed actor with a weakness for trying to win other peoples money and women oftentimes landing him in trouble from which only a slick tongue and a fleet foot has saved him…david_oakes.jpg

S: 2
T: 3
Ag: 4 +1 fortune pt.
Int: 4
Wp: 3
Fel: 4 +1 fortune pt.

Wounds / Corruption: 13 / 13

Coordination, Discipline, Charm (seduction), Folklore (local customs), Intuition (gauge opponent), Guile, Skulduggery, Observation

Talents: Charismatic, Impulsive, Smarter Than He Looks

Acrobatic Strike, Big City Bravado, Style & Grace, Winning Smile, Impersonate, Fluster, I Thought We Were Friends, Scrutinize, Honeyed Words

Money: broke, just lost all money and got a black eye to boot …

Total/Spend XP: 19/17


The estranged second son and youngest surviving child of a tanner, his father had put enough money aside to pay a scribe to take on Friedrich as an apprentice, but Friedrich would have none of it – and instead of burning the midnight oil, learning his letters, he patroned the inns and gambling dens in the sedier part of town…finally getting kicked out of his apprenticeship.

Thats now years ago, and despite a rough time – occasionally even spending a night on the street, one of Friedrich’s acquaintances, Ursula Sanger an aging stage-actress, came through for him offering to put him up for a while … introducing him to …well acting too… Since then Friedrich has made his living earning bit of silver stageacting, seen some gold from swindling a lonely well-to-do Frau or two, doubled – then tripled it all playing games of chance …just to blow it, in an unlucky toss of the dice or on one too many new fancy jackets … Jackets, which eventually always ends up left on some bedroom floor or torn to threads as Friedrich legs it from an angry husband….thus has the life of Friedrich been.

…lately things have not been too great though, well actually they were going great – the evening had started well enough Friedrich had had a jolly spring in his step as he had strolled happily along humming a little tune to go along with the happy jingle of coins in his purse … when … well … he had gotten a good thrashing, nothing too serious but enough to leave some good bruising and the ruin of his fancy clothes …and his breakfast plans cancelled until further notice …



Ursula Sanger a middle-aged stage-actress of fading beauty with a resulting decline in the patronage of her onetime admirers. Friedrich and her are if not close then still on good terms…and occationally when he has needed some advice or gossip Friedrich has procured a pasty as his purse would permit and stopped by for tea, a chat …and whatever else Ursula would demand as her payment …

Hilda Strikmeister Friedrichs older sister, married to a wool merchant from √úbersreik, the embodyment of Rhya, big and fertile …with a litter of kids. She strongly disaproves of Friedrich’s lifestyle, but nevertheless blood is thicker than water and in times of need Friedrich has gotten a free meal …to go with the lecture to change his ways.

“The woman who is trying to get him into trouble…” – the young pretty wife of a powerful man … who might just be out for fun …or might have bigger plans …

Max Totenslager is a dangerous man Friedrich prefers to not be around, unfortunately Max has a tendency to come looking for Friedrich as he took out a loan to buy his way into this sure-thing-cardgame which could not possible go wrong It was a sure fire thing, how could I have known that the Altdorf Fop with the funny accent wasnt really as drunk …or as much of a dupe as expected ….surely some arrangement can be had … whats a crown between friends?? We ARE friends right??

Hidolf von Falschheim, if that is actually his real name, was a drunken Fop of a playboy from Altdorf Friedriech had set up for a high stakes cardgame …but somehow Friedrich managed to loose, not sure exactly how it happened but Friedrich was sure HE was the dupe in this case …and he has been asking around about the guy since … since Friedrich REALLY need his or rather Max the loansharks crowns back – Max is kinda insistent about that …

The dwarf Cidric Odisson is a character, in the colourful crazy kind of way. Hopping around on cruches when he is not simply laying drunk in an alleyway begging a few coppers from passersby as he recounts fantastic tales from his time sailing the rivers of the Empire as a boatman …among others of how he once had a vampire take passage …or stories of beastmen with tails like big rats … for some reason Friedrich has taken shine to this old drunk and usually hands him a few coppers while pretending to believe his crazy talk.

Janus Schwarzgeld a corrupt corporal of the city watch earning some extra cash providing security for a fee or Sigmar knows what else he has his fingers in … Janus like Friedrich has a compulsion for gambling and women, if not quite his skill in that regard …thus he is constantly looking for ways to boost his meager earning as a watchman.

Wilhelma the waitress from the Inn ‘The Dancing Skewers’ where Karl Heinz had hooled up until blood was spilled when thugs supposedly of the Black Hood Gang came for him, but met a bloody end …Wilhelma was persuaded / threatened to keep her silence or risk getting herself accused of being an accomplice

Anker Ditmark barkeep at the ‘Weary Horse Inn’ inside the Eastern Gate a cheap but popular inn for travelers and visiting merchants …with a few rooms in the back of the stable available for servants or those who wish to lay low for a while … Friedrich is on good terms with Anker due to old favors rendered by both.

Friedrich Taalherz

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