Caoifell L'eth Heirrannai

Silk Merchant


Age: Mid 600s
Build: thin, average (for an elf, 6’4 in height)
Hair: White
Eyes: Black, Bulbous (elf eyes)

A tall ghostly white elf with long flowing hair and a simple yet extravagant robes (too humans, to elves he dresses plainly)


House Heirrannai are well regarded silk merchants and diplomats in their home country of Ulthuan. Although they lack in political clout they make up for it in shrewd business manors. Caoifell is no exception to this.

Originally a soldier he was wounded in a training exercise which prevented him from maintaining his duties. His family then trained him up in the family business of silk trading. Caoifell began to develop a taste for history and language and expressed interest in travelling the human lands, eighty years ago he got his wish and he was appointed as envoy for house Herirrannai for the region of Reikland.

Caoifell arrived at Altdorf but found the market to be over crowded, in a risk venture he shifted his attentions to Ubersreik, a small city near the grey mountains. It was here he could send and import via the river Tuefel and blaze a trade route throught the Grey Lady pass to Brettonia and overnight he became an instant success, at one point controlling over 90% of the silk trad in southern Reikland and the province on Bourgon in Brettonia.

Recently however the rise of the ogre kingdoms has led to an influx in poor quality silk from the human lands in Cathay as more traders were willing to risk the silk road now that there was a semblance of civilization in the badlands.

Elven trade has suffered dramatically, although inferior the silk of Cathay is less than half the price of what the elves can import it for. Caofell’s operation (like all Elven silk business in the empire) is suffering insurmountably and his business is but a shadow of it’s former glory.


The party Anierra Ierrionessa, Ricknar Rithur, Klaus von Meyer, Friedrich Nöbbelmeis von Baumenrauch, Brieg met Caoifell in the adventure “Revenant” when Anierra went looking for job opportunities in the two Elven merchant houses in Ubersreik.

Caoifell L'eth Heirrannai

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