The guy is bit short, a bit skinny, short but messy brown hair, and his clothes don't seem to fit quite right.


Brieg has short brown hair, a dark tan from working outdoors, and lanky looking legs despite the fact that he is only 5’7". His brown eyes show wrinkles fromm squinting in the sun so much and his teeth haven’t helped his already odd looks. But, what he lacks in looks, he seems to make up for in his fortitude. The man just never seems to die.




Brieg showed his will to survive early on in his childhood when he outlived his parents after they fell to plague. This strange talent carried over when he outlived his foster parents (his uncles family) when they fell to a ??? attack. By that time, though, he was old enough to work and made a living best he could. He has since taken over the family farm and though his first few years of crop were barely edible, he seems to have taken a knack to it.

With his farm destroyed, and very little coin to his name, Brieg has opted to take up adventuring. Or at least, what he views as adventuring. Mostly consisting of walking a lot and having all sorts of nasty things try to kill them. The food isn’t bad though it sure is cold at night. But, most importantly, people of all sorts keep giving him stuff. Coins, alcohol, and food, though some of it does taste a bit odd. Not the best life but it sure beats toiling in the fields all day and it pays much better.

And, he found a really cool book that he can read, which, despite struggling with the written word in the past, seems to be making it a whole lot easier. Reminds him of the ghost stories his pa used to read to him. Pa was kinda silly.

Brieg was accused of necromancy by Gunther Emming and sentenced to death. He was burned at the stake.

Killed Jonah Vonrueter
Killed Gorash the Magnificent


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