Andrea Pfieffer

Guard Captain of Ubersreik's Watch


Age: Early forties
Build: Athletic
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Green (wears an eye patch over her left eye)

An attractive woman with auburn hair and a strong presence.


Andrea Pfieffer used to be a renown mercenary captain in her day but gave it up with the Von Jungfried’s offered her a position as a commander in the watch. A low born woman in such a position was scandalous at the time and many doubted the commander’s ability until they saw Pfieffer’s ferocious dedication to the law and her combat capability.

She serves alongside Captain Erwin Blucher who’s main duties are tending to Ubersreik’s garrisoned forces. Pfieffer deals with the law inside the town and Blucher deals with it out of town. Blucher is also madly in love Pfieffer and has been attempting to court her for years, Pfieffer however is completely oblivious to his advances and the lower officers of the watch find this as a great source of amusement.

Andrea Pfieffer

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