Sigmar's Heirs

Shattered Dreams - Session 1

The edge of night........


Anierra Ierrionessa was trying her best but something was pre-occupying Lord Aschaffenberg. The elf followed his gaze across the room and observed that it was locked towards Heissman Von Bruner, Anierra sighed, at least his wife was paying attention to her. Maybe Aschaffenberg didn’t like wood elf queens? The elf considered changing her costume.

Ricknar Rithur fidgeted, he had no idea how those fighter types wore armour as it was far too heavy. The wizard had decided to dress as Vlad Von Carstein, the notorious vampire count of old and Anierra’s assistant Anya Vonrueter had dressed up as Isabella von Carstein, the vampire’s eternal bride. Ricknar thought she looked pretty good but then again she did work for elven silk merchants and looking good was part of her job. Ricknar watched Anya load another serving of pastry treats onto a plate and hand it to him. The wizard then unceremoniously shoved the treats into his mouth and muttered out a thank you between chews. Anya smiled back glowingly and Ricknar’s brow furrowed. Why did she keep looking at him like that?

The Knight of the Verdant Field

Luther Essing showed the guard his invitation and he entered the theatre, he had obtained his beastman costume a day prior from rather fresh sources and was hoping that it wasn’t too life like for the party. The party had around one hundred guests and unfortunately for him he didn’t know a single one of them. Luthor was on a quest of sorts, as a Myrmidian devotee and a knight of the Verdant Field it was customary that a member of his order undertake a year-long pilgrimage to travel the world and help those in need. Luthor figured he would introduce himself to the party host, if he made a good impression perhaps he could work with the man? The knight asked a fellow party goer, an overweight noble in a Kislevite costume, and was pointed towards a man in Forrester leathers by the name of Mannfred von Holzenhauer. Essing approached von Holzenhauer and introduced himself but it quickly became apparent to him that the baron was not interested in Myrmidia, the Knights of the Verdant Fields so Essing excused himself and headed towards the balcony overlooking the town.

Essing was pleased to find that nobody was up hear and began to take in the sights of Ubersreik. The city was large, possibly having four to five thousand people within it’s walls, and it was perpetually covered in the black smoke of coal and industry. Perhaps Ubersreik was not the place for him and he should move on and help those less fortunate? The knight looked down into a nearby by alley and by chance caught a glimpse of movement – several cloaked and hooded figures moving down an alley. Dammit today was his day off and there was no way he would investigate it, plenty of figures wear hooded cloaks right? But how come there was eight of them and why were they moving fast? The knight sighed as he made his way out the building and towards the alley. It’s not like he was doing anything anyway.

Essing approached the Alley with trepidation and weighed his options. Should nothing be here he would return to the party and forget about what he saw, should something be here he was unarmed and dressed in a beastman costume. Perhaps discretion was the better part of valour and he peeked around the corner and down into the long dark alleyway. Essing spotted two men in cloaks, possibly some of the figures he had spotted earlier, discussing something about a device. The knight strained his ears and listened further and managed to pick up that they were preparing this device for use in the party. Essing didn’t like the sound of that at all.

Silently he withdrew from his observation post and returned to the party, and spoke to Baron Hozenauers personal guard – a hard faced woman by the name of Agnes Schild. Essing relayed what he saw to Schild and offered to take her to the alley to apprehend and question the men. Schild agreed, deciding that it would be best to take no chances and grabbed two guards and followed Essing however when they arrived the alley was empty.

Schild said she would sweep the area just to make sure it was safe but declined assistance from Essing, stating that Baron Holzenhauer would not want any of his guests injured at his party. Essing watched the guards disappear into the gloom of the alley and began to return to the party but was interrupted by a peculiar sight. Essing blinked twice, just to make sure he was not hallucinating because outside the theatre was a group of drunken dwarves, arguing with Lord Holzenhauer and an elf while a young man and a teenage girl dressed as vampires watched on.

Essing watched on curiously. The knight had never seen an elf before ever, despite losing comrades to elven arrows this was his first time up close to the old foe of the forests. The elf was tall, very tall, at least 6’6 and wore it’s long silvery hair up in an extravagant do. The creature, which appeared to be a female, was dressed in a flowing green dress and it’s large pupil-less black eyes and angular features gave it a mystifying and sinister appearance.

The elf appeared to be bargaining with the dwarves while Holzenhauer looked on somewhat distressed, perhaps these dwarves were going to crash his party and the elf was trying to cut a deal with them so they could leave? The dwares appeared to calm down and the elf gave them around of ale via a timely delivery from a servant and after downing the drinks the dwarves cleared out. Holzenhauer returned inside and the fey began talking with the vampire couple, now was his chance, Essing breathed in and introduced himself.

The Silk Merchant

This man had a fantastic costume! Anierra deduced that he had probably killed a beastman and simply wore it’s skin in place of a real costume. She could decide whether that was completely brilliant or downright lazy. Ricknar was his usual nonplussed self, couldn’t he see that she was trying to set him up with Anya? Are all human males this dim witted? Anierra considered Klaus von Meyer and Brieg for a moment. Yes. Yes they were.

The party wasn’t going completely to plan. While Luidmilla Aschaffenberg seemed to like her, her husband Rickard wanted nothing to do with her – in fact all he wanted to do was stare at Heissman Von Bruner all night. Baron Holzenhauer was appreciative towards her for removing those dwarves but the man was far too militaristic to make use of elven silks, she’d be lucky to get forty crowns a year out of him. Anierra discussed her ventures with Ricknar and Essing and headed inside to try and salvage her night, after all she had yet to speak to the Von Saponatheim and Bruners.

Upon entering Ricknar alerted her attention towards a servant dressed in Saponatheim’s colours, slip something into a drink and walk towards Lord Aschaffenberg. Anierra intervened, if she prevented more mischief the baron would owe her big time and by Asuryan she’d at least get something worthwhile out of this party! Essing baled up the man, Ricknar did his best tough guy impersonation and Anierra turned on her “elven eyes”, even after a year in the Empire she still found it amusing that glowering at peasants made them afraid of her. After a threat by Anierra the man spilled the beans and said that he was told to slip a drug into Lord Aschaffenberg’s drink and the elf told the servant to get lost.

Anierra approached Sigmund Von Saponatheim and informed him that his plan failed and suggested that they may have a problem. Saponatheim denied all involvement remarking snidely towards the elf so Anierra spoke to Holzenahauer about it. Holzenhauer was grateful towards the elf and gave Saponatheim a stern talking to but it looked like Anierra wouldn’t be selling any of her products to them any time soon. The elf sighed, why did she have to meddle with everything? She looked out across the room and stood mouth agape as she watched Rickard Aschaffenberg march across the theatre floor and with his right fist, smash Heissman von Bruner right in the nose.

The elf rushed over and interjected herself between the two irate nobles while Essing and Ricknar tried to figure out just what was going on. According to Aschaffenberg, von Bruner was a filthy cultist and his proof was that Rickard had almost been killed by von Bruner’s chaos lackeys at Grunewald lodge, a property which he had purchased off the von Bruners. Von Bruner’s defence is that Aschaffenberg was a norse barbarian masquerading as a Reikland Lord and that he had no place in Ubersreik society. Holzenahuer arrived, ejected Lord Aschaffenberg from the party and directed von Bruner towards medical attention in the form of one of his staff members.

Anierra once again sighed. No matter the level of society all these humans were still uncouth savages, maybe she should have just stayed in Ulthuan and married her fiance instead of contriving a reason to postpone it? She was immortal after all, she couldn’t postpone her marriage forever. Anierra frowned, no she’ll stay here, if she went back willingly that would be too boring, she’d much rather be dragged back in chains after defeating a plethora of dangerous bounty hunters. Far more spectacular. Maybe the bounty hunters would be those Nagarythe shadow warriors? That would be interesting.

As Anierra daydreamed about battling a thousand shadow warriors single-handedly in the forest of shadows she was rudely interrupted by Essing stating that he was worried about the whereabouts of Holzenahuers security chief Agnes Schild. Essing explained that he noticed suspicious activity and sent the guards to check on it which was very meddlesome of this fellow. Anierra liked meddlesome.

Anierra commanded Anya to retrieve her sword, Bondbreaker from her residence. Essing accompanied her servant on her trip as he wished to collect his weapons in case of trouble. Ricknar of course didn’t need a weapon and remained behind with Anierra. The elf considered the wizard for a moment. Ricknar was the closest thing she had to a real friend in this Olde World, sure he was dim witted but this man had a good soul. Maybe there was hope for humanity after all, more Ricknar’s and less Klaus’s.

Anierra began discussing trading oppurtunities with her employer, caofell who was dressed as Anaerion while she waited for the return of her weapon. A little bit of adventuring would be good for her, she hadn’t been in a real fight for over a year. Around half and hour later Anierra heard a scream from the top blacony, she as about to proceed towards the noise but was interrupted by a sheepish looking Anya. Anierra questioned her servant as to why she was here without Bondbreaker and when she was told that Essing gave it to a pair of dwarves at the entrance to the party she almost died with rage.

Anierra marched over to find none other than Borgun Foarmbeard, head of the dwarven community and the metal worker’s guild, and his lackey with their greasy mits over her sword. Anierra politely as she could muster requested her sword back but the dwarves didn’t believe it was actually hers, believing the craftmanship was to great to be an elven weapon. Borgun and his assistant discussed the likely hood of the elf owning a such a weapon and with some exasperated explanation from Anierra the dwarves agreed to return it to her. Anierra held Bondbreaker tight and vowed to exact revenge on Essing for allowing a dwarf to touch her most prized possession.

Anierra strode up to the balcony to find a man dressed entirely in leaves, a dishevelled young shallyan priestess, Essing and Ricknar. Apparently the leaf man was rather amorous in his introduction to the young woman and over stepped his boundaries. Anierra was about to say something until Ricknar interjected, stood face to face to the man and told him in a menacing tone to leave right away and never return. The man recoiled like a scolded dog and left the building as quickly as he could. Anierra stood dumbfounded, since when could Ricknar do that? Anierra was about to have a word to Essing about his mishandling of Bondbreaker when he reminded her about the missing guards and security chief. Anierra told Holzenhauer of the situation and that it was undercontrol. Holzenhauer once again thanked Anierra and said that he was in her debt for the nights efforts thus far.

The Party

The party left the theatre and headed into the alley, Anierra dressed as the queen of the woodelves with bond breaker strapped to her back, Luthor dressed in beastman skin with bow and sword and another man unarmed dressed in the partial army of a slain blood dragon.

They made their way down the alleyway, Anierra slipping over and landing face first into the mud in the process, ruining her dress. Essing spotted a blood trail and the group followed it into a neighbouring town house. They jumped the garden wall, Anierra copping a muddy boot to the face from Ricknar in the process and noticed the blood trail lead into the building. Essing attempted to pick the lock but was unsuccessful so the group found an open second story window and climbed up into it. They had made it into the building and was keen to find where that blood trail left off.

End Session,.



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