Sigmar's Heirs

Revenant - Session 8

Of blood and dragons

Klex didn’t have much to say. The necromancer was severely beaten and the party only managed to get a few threats in before the city watch appeared commanded by one Sergeant Tenerfield. Tenerfield wasn’t up for much talking and after recognizing that the group was assisting Gunther Emming in solving the ghost situation the savvy Sergeant decided not to arrest them for creating a public disturbance. The Sgt did however threw the group of of the house as he declared it crime scene, berating his guuardsmen for “not working” in the process.

The party was disappointed in the fact that they weren’t allowed much time with Klex however they were overjoyed that in the time that Sgt Tenerfield was babbling on at them Ricknar was doing some solid looting of the basement area and managed to find the bones of the Schiergen family, the skull of Uwe and Klex Narscabber’s journal.

The party read the necromancers journal and were left with quite a surprise. According to Klex one day he was minding his own business when the pair of ghosts began “terrorizing” Ubersreik. The female ghost was haunting some small time noble and the male ghost haunted his house. Upon further investigation Klex stated that he found the skull of the male ghost dumped in his pumpkin patch. Klex asked his employee, a coachman by day, grave robber by night by the name of Vunter Morscheiver to recover the bodies in order to investigate them. Vunter did so and after some mild communication with the ghosts Klex had little clue to why someone had planted the skull causing the ghost to haunt him. Further consultation with a ghoul at the garden of Morr later in the week brought up the name Gorash but after some heavy research in the Verenan library he was yet to discover what that name meant.

The party flipped through some earlier journal entries and found out the Klex had found the tomb of a blood dragon located a short distance from Ubersreik and that Klex intended to control it somehow. Rickanr recalled the witch hunter’s logs of Thomas Farhoff stating that the Schiergen’s (before they were executed by Thomas) were found “bthed in blood worshipping a being called Sir Bandic the blood dragon”. Could this be Sir Bandic from 200 years ago? The party had no clue what a blood dragon was but if a necromancer wanted something to do with it it must be dangerous. The group headed to the Sigmarite library and did some research, only to discover that blood dragons were warriors without peer.

The party was worried that such a powerful creature existing less than a day’s travel from Ubersreik’s walls and decided if they were to slay this creature, that good deed may absolve Brieg from his impending necromancy charges. Anierra went to Schadrach Burke for guidance on the matter and found that the elderly priest had just returned from safely disposing the body of Gorash the Magnificent. Schadrach was alarmed and began to pack his equipment to assist in the destruction of Sir Bandic but Anierra talked him out of, practically begging the priest to stay behind. Schadrach Burke was flat out walking on the best of days and despite his priestly skills Anierra feared Sir Bandic would make short work of him. The elf also had an ulterior motive in keeping the priest safe, Schadrach could attest to several heroic deeds that Brieg has committed during his time in Ubersreik and those deeds could sway a judges opinion of Brieg was brought to trial.

Ricknar went to his master and asked for advice. Augustus was concerned for Ricknar’s safety and offered for Content Not Found: anders-eibach


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