Sigmar's Heirs

Revenant - Session 7

The basement blues...

10.12.2517 – 10.12.2517

The House

The Narscabber house was quite possibly a well to do residence at one point in it’s life, now it was ill kept and dilapidated and several hundred years out of style. The party coughed and wheezed, everyone except Klaus and Brieg had caught something the previous day and they were not feeling so great, Klaus and Brieg however were in rather good humour because of the situation.

Brieg knocked on the door of the house, waited and shortly after a gruff old man answered via a viewing slide. The party informed him they were here to assist him with the ghost problem but he said he was not interested, closed the viewing slot and walked off.

The party began calling out after him, saying that they were hear under official Sigmarite business but there was no response. Something was up, this guy was hiding something and the party wanted to know what.

They knew that the skull of Uwe Schiergen was here, why would he not mention it and why would he not show any reaction to the ghost? The party checked the door but it was barred from the inside and looked inside the windows to find a dusty moth ridden interior.

Brieg tried to pick the lock and but realised that he didn’t have any lock picking tools or any knowledge on lock picking at all still he persevered while Friedrich lit his pipe, watching him with disinterest.

Anierra and Ricknar went around the rear of the house to find a weed infested herb garden and a back door, Ricknar didn’t note anything sinister in the pile but he did mention that it was odd that he didn’t maintain his medicinal stock like most physicians would. Anierra tested the door and found it was locked as well.

Klaus, who was around the side of the house, found a coal chute which no doubt led down to the cellar. The zealot opened it and listened down, silence was his only response. The chute lead diagonally down and was big enough for a single man to fit down at a time and by the sloping angle of it it looked to be a one way trip.

Klaus called out to the party that he was going down the coal chute and before they stopped him Klaus grabbed his flail and began to slid down feet first. The chute was a tight fit, covered with coal dust and was hard to breathe in. The stocky zealot slide down at a surprising speed before being deposited into a large dump bin filled with corpses of varying levels of decay.

The Cellar

Klaus’s eyes widened but he kept his cool, the bodies looked to be unearthed from the Garden of Morr as they were well dressed, more alarmingly most of them showed signs of the ghoul pox but Klaus didn’t have time to worry about that as he heard the familiar sounds of the undead above him.

Klaus leapt to his feet and called out up the chute that there was zombies here, jumped out of the dump bin and engaged the closest moving creature near him, smashing the zombie’s leg apart with all of his might.

Klaus prepared for defence and took in his surroundings, he was in a large cage and surrounded by four decaying zombies. The other side of the cage appeared to be a twist between a laboratory and a morgue and Klex Narscabber stood there staring at Klaus with his mouth agape, his hand clutched a scalpel and he was in the process of dissecting a corpse but presently he was frozen in surprise at the zealot’s sudden appearance.

The zombies decending on Klaus in a feeding frenzy taking bites out of his legs, arm’s and shoulders and grievously injuring him, he had not yet fully recovered from his beating from Gorash the Magnificent and feared he would not last much longer by himself. Klaus forced down his rising panic and he heard the sound of banging from the chute, praise Sigmar! Someone was coming for him.

Anierra fell out of the chute and emerged from the dump bin of bodies and engaged the nearest zombie creating breathing room for Klaus. Anierra was not impressed with the situation but the elf fought down her rising fear and took it to her undead fiend with gusto.

Klaus received his second wind, Anierra was here and had broken up the zombies frenzy, the zealot gritted his teeth and smahed the torso of the zombie behind him, sending chunks of gore flying about the room while Klex Narscabber raised his hands and a postre of mock worship, Klaus was certain the physician, whom he was no doubt a vile necromancer, was casting some type of spell but Klaus could not see what.

The zombies swarmed in on the outnumbered pair, Klaus took a few more scratches but Anierra weaved her way past the zombies but to her horror more of the creatures rose from the pile corpses in the dump bin, Klex was raising more zombies!

The chute crashed and banged again and a black and dusty Ricknar emerged from it and into the pile of bodies in which one of them became animated! Ricknars eyes widened, he was in a pile of bodies with a zombie bearing down on him! Last time he encountered these creature he was horrifically gored and Ricknar high tailed it out of the bin as fast as he could and Anierra blocked the creatures pursuit.

Ricknar saw Klex gathering the winds of magic about him and Ricknar went into counter spell mode, removing the coloured winds that Klex was trying to gather and replacing them with others but Klex’s might was to strong and with a surge of blue electricity Klex shocked the well beaten Klaus with a doombolt.

Anierra and Klaus took two zombies down and they were no longer out numbered, Klaus was not doing to well but was still standing, he was covered and blood and scratches and was unsteady on his feet but was still there, the party had the advantage and Klex could see it clear as day.

The chute crashed and banged and Brieg fell out, paused in surpise and begen driving his dagger at the closest zombie with little effect and the party now out numbered their foes, Klex was finished. The necromancer began to rush to the door of the cellar and to his escape and Brieg called out up the chute hoping that Friedrich was still up there and able to cut the necromancer’s escape off.

The Chase

Klex couldn’t believe, these cretins had invaded is home and were killing his creations, thyy knew his face and he had to get out of Ubersreik fast lest he becomes destined for the high priest’s pyre. Klex ran to the door but several hot burning splinters fired into his back burning through his robes and into his flesh. Klex howled in pain and stumbled out of the room, curse that wizard! If he wasn’t there he could have done what he liked to that group and they would not have been able to escape that cage, oh it would have been so fun!

Klex ran out into the living paused and decided to go out of the back door, he had heard the shabby man yell to an unseen other through the chute whom was no doubt waiting for him up top, if Klex went out the back door he should be able to give the man the slip. Klex unlocked the back door and found no-one waiting for him. Success! The old man man a dash for the street and into freedom.

Klex heard the sound of running footfalls behind him. Curses! He was being chased by an officer of some sorts most likely a pistolier, this was not good. Klex looked back and smirked, he’d have a nice surprise for this one and he began to hastily gather the winds of magic about him, it was hard to do when he was running but Klex was confident of his abili – SLAM! Klex bounced of what felt like a brick wall.

The old man looked up and found large meaty hands on his cuff as the dock worker growled at him., this would not do! In his carelessness he was not looking where he was going and this oaf had him in his clutches, that pistolier would be on him in seconds! The Dockworker shoved him back and Klex felt his breath explode out of him as the pistolier tackle him to the ground from behind.

Friedrich grappled the old man, he had no idea what went on downstairs other than zombie call so was certain this fellow was an unsavoury chap. Friedrich warned Klex once and then blasted his pistol right into Klex’s leg. That’d stop him squirming! Klex screamed and clutched his wounded thigh and Friedrich looked up and found a crowd was forming around him, he stood up and assumed the most authoritative pose he could think of, “Nothing to see here move along” he said and tried to disperse the crowd.

The pistolier frowned at his slack jawed onlookers and unhappy with the amount of attention he was receiving Friedrich grabbed Klex by the collar and dragged him back to his home for interrogation, he probably wouldn’t have long until the watch showed up and he’d like to get answers out of this bloke quick.

End Session


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