Sigmar's Heirs

Carrion Call - Session 2

Dinner with a side of death...

Dinner was a very pleasant meat, potatoes and red wine. Ondurin asked the party many questions about themselves and divulged that he used to be a physician. Throughout the meal Wilhelma Vonrueter Wilhelma was very flirtatious with Klaus and Ricknar while Anya tried to find out as much as she could about the outside world but was quickly silenced by her father and Wilhelma. Sanne and Sothelim did not say a word throughout the dinner, Sanne kept her head down while Sothelim glared intently at his dinner plate wishing he was elsewhere.

After dinner Lothar, the manservant, showed Klaus and Ricknar to their rooms. Lothar led them out of the old manor and into the extensions which were added by Ondurin (as he was not the original owner of the manor). The extensions branched out at odd angles, some passages led to nowhere while others suddenly ending abruptly and by the time the group reached the room they were thoroughly lost. Lothar gestured and the pair entered the modest lodgings, Lothar then slammed the door shut and abruptly locked them inside.

Klaus and Ricknar were not impressed but Klaus was confident in his ability to bash the door down if necessary and right now sleep was on his mind, he discussed his opinions on the VonRueters and went to bed. Ricknar checked the room for hidden viewpoints or passageways and secured the door in case of a surprise entry and decided to sleep.

The pair were awoken by a familiar chill, Klaus lept to his feet and grabbed his flail and met the ghost of Gustav Vonrueter. Gustav appeared different to what the group had seen him last, his chest was bare and was marred with long straight cuts at right angles to each other, as if he had been dissected.

Gustav told the group that his father had used his soul to lure them here and that they were in grave danger and that his father , he then faded out of existence. Klaus and Ricknar decided to confront Ondurin, if they were lured here there would have been others and perhaps there family were kept here under duress.

Their first action plan was to escape the room, initially they tried to knock the knock the pins out of the door hinges but then more successfully they superheated the door hinges via Ricknar and booted it down.

The second action plan was to confirm the family members innocence and act accordingly. The Ricknar suspected that Anya was in the most danger judging by the way that Ondurin and Wilhelma treated her, they were unsure about Sothelin, had mixed feelings about Wilhelma but were unanimous in Sanne’s innocence.

Klaus remembered how to get back to the old manor and the pair had much more time to examine the mishapen maze of the extension. The hallways appeared to be altered by magic, Ricknar commented that Ondurin must be a powerful magister indeed to affect buildings in such a manner.

The pair made there way back to the main hall and decided to visit Wilhelma, Ricknar noted earlier which room she was in in case he had the opportunity to take advantage of her advances from earlier in the meeting. Wilhelma’s room was filled with the finest Bretonian decour. Wilhelma sat by the mirror in a revealing nightshirt brushing her hair wile Elena sat on Wilhelma’s bed singing off key.

Klaus questioned Wilhelma about her father’s intentions but she merely laughed, surprised that they made it this far. Wilhelma did not know how to get to her father’s quarters but she could see the adventurers through her fathers playroom and out via a secret passageway but there was a catch. Wilhelma couldn’t stand her wicked and selfish younger sister and politely asked if the group could bring her her head, if they did Wilhelma would also offer herself as she liked to “have fun with some of Daddy’s guests” and they were the first ones in a while. Klaus pushed Wilhelma to the ground and cursing her evilness but Wilhelma simply laughed.

Elena appeared behind Ricknar and told him that her mummy was silly aunty Anya wasn’t that bad. Elena said she would take them through father’s playroom with no price to pay at all. Ricknar was unsettled by the strange girl and refused saying that they should see to Anya’s safety.

Wilhelma laughed and continued to heckle her sister, saying that she was cruel and sadistic but Klaus would have none of it. He ordered Ricknar to apprehend Elena while he restrained Wilhelma as the villanous pair could be no harm to them or Anya if they where incapacitated. Wilhelma enjoyed Klaus’s rough advances, thinking it more of a game than anything until Ricknar got a hold of Elena. Ricknar dropped the girl in surprise, her skin was cold and clammy as if she had no life within her small body. Ricknar told Klaus as the girl dashed between his legs and Ricknar pulled out his flail and hit Wilhelma square in the chest, fatally wounding her.

Klaus demanded a confession out of Wilhelma as he believed her to be a necromancer. Wilhelma stammered as best as she could that Elena was a gift from her father and that she had no magical powers. Klaus tied Wilhelma to the bed before seeing ot her wounds but her wounds were too grave and she died shortly after. Ricknar was unhappy with Klaus’s aggression, in four days he condemned a family to death and now killed a defenceless woman in the name of Sigmar. Ricknar demanded that Klaus smartened his act, Wilhelma may have been callous but she had committed no apparent crime and that Klaus did not have the right to say if a person lives or dies without common facts.

Ricknar covered the dead Wilhelma and arranged her in a dignified manner and the party left the room with the objective of rescuing Anya. The party was promptly halted by Lothar who attacked them. Lothar turned out to be an undead monster with amazing resilience and the party eventually put him down by setting him on fire, bashing a hole in his chest and repeatedly pummelling his head.

End Session

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