Sigmar's Heirs

Carrion Call - Session 1

A fallen son...

Klaus was resolute in his decision, the Lurchen’s were to stand trial for their crimes. The zealot bluntly insisted that cooperating was the only way in which their kids would remain alive and Rutger Lurchen reluctantly agreed as long as his children were kept safe. Klaus was eager to get moving and Brieg said his house wasn’t far away and that they could stay there the night so the group set out with the Lurchen prisoners in tow unbound. Klaus put them on a good behaviour bond, they were unarmed and were no match for Klaus or even Brieg who demonstrated his combat efficiency earlier that morning.

The group arrived at Brieg’s home only to find it in ashes. The goblins which had driven him off it destroyed his home and all he could recover was his father’s dagger, some damaged travelling equipment and a few coins. Night was approaching fast and the group made shelter in the freezing snow as best as they could. They constructed a lean-to but only found enough materials to fit the Lurchens and Klaus however Brieg was a resourceful man. He dug out an indent in the snow underneath a snow laden pine tree and lit a fire, he had done this before and he was confident he could attain a satisfactory night sleep out in the freezing weather.

The night dropped well below freezing and the howling wnds made matters worse, had they not have protected themselves they were convinced they would have frozen but still they had not escaped the night unscathed. Brieg and Klaus began developing signs of frostbite, for Klaus it was his nose and for Brieg it was his feat and they both felt they were frozen stiff.

Klaus had stayed up all night making sure the Lurchen’s did not try to escape so not only did he have the beginning stages of frostbite and perhaps hypothermia he was heavily fatigued from staying awake for well over 36 hours. The Lurchen’s however were not going anywhere, while Rutger and Mathilda fared well their children caught pneumonia during night and were in ill health.

The party pushed on as fast as they could till they found the road and eventually a coaching inn. The group shuffled in a fast as they could and came across a group of priests, one of them a the lector of Ubersreik who was returning to the city after a tour of the surrounding villages. Klaus told the man, (who’s name was Leopold) the events of the prior days and the Lector congratulated him and took the Lurchen’s into custody. The party then paid for a room and slept the day and night away, preventing their frostbite form spreading further.

The next day the party set off, Brieg who had no home then decided to become an adventurer. He had been talking to the innkeeper the night prior about a group of adventurers who had stopped a chaos cult from destroying the nearby town of Hugeldal. The innkeeper was under the impression that all adventurers where rich and famous and hauled in plunder by the cartload, Brieg liked the idea of being rich and decided that was his true calling.

After several hours of journey they came across a dying man by the name of Gustav Vonrueter who said he was set upon by beastmen. Gustav asked the group to return his families seal (a necklace which he was wearing) to his parents at Schloss Vonrueter and tell them of his departure. The party agreed and stayed with the man as he died.

The manor house was only a days walk from the main road and Gusav’s direction proved true. The manor was hidden in a dense gloomy forest and the group was relieved upon sight of it, it was now dark and they didn’t want another night out in the snow again.

Ondurin Vonrueter and his wife Sanne rushed out on sight of the party, begging for news about their son. Klaus handed the amulet over and told them the bad news and the family grieved. They invited the group inside and introduced them to the rest of the family. Sothelin was Gustav’s younger brother in his twenties, Wilhelma was now the eldest in her late twenties, Anya was Wilhelma’s teenage sister and Elena was Wilhelma’s five year old daughter. Ondurin broke the news to the family and invited the party for dinner as their servant Lothar was ready to plate up.

End Session

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