The Grand Principality of Reikland
state colour: white
Elector: Karl-Franz
Provincial capital: Altdorf

Currently the most powerful province due to its Elector Count being the reigning Emperor Karl-Franz, Reikland is a wealthy land of bustling trade and orderly towns. The Reikland army is thought to be the most disciplined in The Empire, and is certainly one of the best-equipped – favouring ranged combat over hand to hand where possible. The river Reik itself is the most important waterway in The Empire, stretching many hundreds of miles from its source in the Black Mountains until it reaches the sea at Marienburg. However, the province also contains the Reikwald, a dense forest packed full of bandits and outlaws who pose a constant threat to legitimate trade.

Helmgart is the fortress guarding the Imperial end of the Axe Bite Pass, the gateway to Bretonnia. Relations with The Empire’s most powerful neighbour are often strained, and this is reflected in the number of artillery pieces that line the castle’s massive walls. The steam tank Invincible, the only tank that remains true to the original design, is based here.

Kemperbad is geographically part of Reikland, but politically it is entirely separate. Kemperbad is a Friestadt, an independent trading town granted its charter by Emperor Boris the Incompetent in 1066. It stands on the high, cliff-like banks at the juncture of the rivers Reik and Stir, and has acquires great wealth from trade passing along the rivers. Thirteen councillors, elected from the most prominent families and guilds, rule the town.

Bogenhafen is a prosperous trading town in the south of Reikland, close to the foothills of the Grey Mountains. The town suffers regular attacks from marauding Greenskins and Bretonnian robber-barons, and thus it has a sizable and well-equipped army. Even the town militia are extensively trained, and are provided with expensive purple and white uniforms – a highly visible reminder of Bogenhafen’s wealth and power. When necessary, the town council will not hesitate to use some of that wealth to hire mercenaries to supplement the permanent garrison.

The town is theoretically under the rule of the Baron von Saponatheim (based twenty-five miles away at Castle Grauenburg), but is in practice run by a town council. This council is dominated by the merchant families of the town, who wield tremendous influence (to the extent that the other council members are little more than puppets).

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