trial by fire

After spending the day at Frank Dickow hunting lodge,(a much needed rest) I find him very trust worthy(although he talks way to much). Together we decided to leave Anya Vonrueter in his care, hopefully her life will tern for the better….
Now we finally get to Ubersriek its bin a long two weeks,the smell of the city brightens my mood..we go to town center (as dick told us there was ghost haunting’s going on there every night (and we all have are own reasons for wanting to get rid of them) ….
As we get in side of city center i here the calling’s to repent from a witch hunter on the street(finally some like minded people) soon after here come the ghost….I stand in front of it and it go’s right thru me. Ricknar Rithur shoots a bolt of fiery magic at it(crap i knew what to expect next) the witch hunter went after ricknar with a crazed fury(ricknar is a legal and good wizard and has shown no sign of corruption i had to stop the witch hunter)I stood between them and tried to reason with him(i should have known better as i would have done the same) after some bickering back and forth i decided to give up the fight and let them arrest us… (i know we wouldn’t be there long we did nothing wrong and told the others the same) After a night in jail we were released by a Priest of Sigmar named leopold(the priest for the inn,who i turned the flook family over to)…..After some talking i here 2 things of good news 1.the flook family is to be burned at the stake next week 2. If i can stop this haunting leopold will recommend me to join the Templar’s of Sigmar!!!!! Yes a mighty witch hunter my skin crawls with excitement i have waited my hole life for this i will be rid of these ghost’s or Die trying…(no one will stop me from becoming a mighty witch hunter…….HAIL SIGMAR!!!!!!!!!)

Inner Rage

Making some progress on the ghost situation,found out who one of them is haunting,the noble house of “farhoff” So the party and I head tho the house to see if we could figure anything out…The man of the house agreed to talk with us,This is where it all went wrong.My so called companions think i have no tacked,I could have killed the lot of them,you got my best buddy the elf Anierra Ierrionessa trying to ask favor’s of the Lord before we do anything about the ghost,HE,SHE,IT (not sure anymore) has some hidden agenda.Then i have Brieg who of late has impressed me Asked the Lord for food,FOOD, what the hell is going on here my blood it boiling at this point. All i want to do is ask a few questions and get on with it,but NOOO are new found friend we found in Morr’s garden Friedrich Nöbbelmeis von Baumenrauch decides he wants to join in on the “im an ass hole to” program and tries to talk shop with the guy (if i though i could get away with it i would have killed them all then and there)

Finally of got the info i needed between what the Lord Farhaff told me and what i managed to look up at the church of Sigmar it terns out the ghost’s and the Farhaff family have a past.About 200 years ago “tommas Farhaff” a witch hunter burned them at the pier for daemon worship,somthing about a blood Dragon brandic.

Im staying at the “farhaff” house tonight and im going to confront this ghost bye my self(if i had half of a mind i would leave my fellow adventurers and do this hole thing solo, but i may need help if a daemon show’s up)

I need a drink!!!


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