A new test

It didn’t take long be for we stumbled across a man half dead at the side of the road.. Barley able to talk he gave me an amulet and ask if i could bring it to his family..he died shortly after..
As we approached the house the mother of the dead man cam running out,she knew why we were there (a bit strange but i though nothing of it) soon the father cam out and invited us to dinner and shelter for the night..I was very happy for a hot meal and to get out of the fringed weather (maybe that’s why didn’t find it strange they knew why we were there)
At dinner I met the hole family..such a big family a cant remember all there names…the dinner conversation was a bit odd the father Ondurin Vonrueter was very controlling of his family..but living in a mansion in the middle of no were it wasn’t to odd,he had to keep his family safe.

after dinner the butler “lothar” led us to are room…once we got to the room lothar shut the door then locked it Ricknar Rithur and I were a bit set off bye this but i figured it was there way to keep the family save(we were strangers)… I just got comfy and went to sleep..

I was woken up by a bright light coming tho the door a ghost appeared (It was the man from the side of the road Gustav Vonrueter) He said that his father is evil and forced him to send us here it was a game he played( for some reason or another i believed him)..Ricknar and i broke down the door and all madness ensued we ran into Gustav Vonrueter sister and her daughter, the sister tried to Sadducee use and play games ricknar discovered the little girl was not human,I pulled out my flail and smashed it into the sisters chest then tried to interrogate her but she died before i could get anything answered and the little girl got away so we tried to find her and ran into the butler “lothar” he asked why we were not in are room i lied to him but he saw right tho it and came at us with a club…I smashed him with my flail as ricknar shot fiery spells at him i took a big hit by his club,but we killed pretty quickly now he lie on the floor beaten and charred…As we stand over the dead body i come to realize this is my next test i must destroy this evil place…..


The young teen Anya Vonrueter showed us to her fathers room (she is the only good thing left in this house of Haritics) I open the door to Ondurin Vonrueter room there he stand waiting for us (his little game was about to end) i charged him with renewed vigor,he raised some zombies i plowed my way thew to get to the necromancer,then his wife jumped at me out of know where and attacked me with a dagger.I swiped her aside with my flail (to many chaos lovers in this house) A spell of lightning hit me,the room grew dark, this necromancer suddenly bit at my willpower almost stopped in my tracks!(Sigmars strength surged thew my body) I charged tho scared out of my wits(i herd the fighting all around me of my comrades combating the zombie’s but i was blinded by rage)I struck a solid blow to the necromancer and he just laughed at me!!I could feel my wits crack my mind felt like it was going to explode.
The elf Anierra Ierrionessa raced up and took a swing at Ondurin but missed wildly (I have never seen the elf miss before) Just then I felt Sigmar guide my hand as i came down with my flail and crushed his head,as the worm blood hit my face i felt a rush so great i allmost shouted with glee!!!
The battle was over as the rest of the group licked there wounds I walked over to the wife,she was still living i put my boot on her throat and broke her neck NO HERITICS CAN LIVE!!!
Anierra Ierrionessa and Ricknar Rithur did not approve of me killing the wife..The more i here them bicker of who is guilty and who not makes my resolve stronger."most people in the world cant see what I can see I am put on the earth to do what most can not, to do what is needed,in a world filled with chaos my actions are JUSTIFIED!!!!

The rise of brieg

Brieg woke me in the night..I was having my normal nightmares so i didnt mind..he herd things in the halls we took a look…We found a crazed man,we took him with us, he was locked up for a long time….He ran off and tried burning the house down,i was going to let him but Brieg felt sorry for the fellow and grabbed him. took him out side. The crazed man gave Anya Vonrueter very nasty looks(ill have to keep an eye on him) To Ubersriek we go..after almost a days walk we ran into a coach being attacked bye bandits we went after them..but in the middle of battle the crazed man went after Anya, Brieg took notes and ran after then as soon as he was able…i scared off the rest of the bandits and then ran to aid Brieg I got there just in time to see brieg put his broom stick into the crazed mans face…..At that moment i felt Sigmars smile upon him,it wasnt easy for brieg to kill a man but he did it and rightfully so,this man will go places he can do what needs to be done much like myself..In any conflict we have in the future I will have briegs back for he is one of the good ones!


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