In my resent quest to abolish chaos i have met a few interesting people.

Ricknar Rithur: a wizard from the bright collage he seems very different from what i have bin told of his kind.he is a well mannered man and seems to not flaunt his magic much. tho i am weary of him,can a wizard ever truly be trusted? chaos seems to cling to his kind.I will make it my duty to make sure corruption dose not take hold of this one he can be very useful in the fight to purify the empire.

Anierra: an elf of what seems to be noble by nature. He is a smug and rude individual
who thinks he is a higher form of life. But he did have my back when it counted the most and seems to be very skilled in swordplay. he as well can be put to good use.

Borki Burlasson: hmmm what can i say about this stout dwarf. He is a quiet one with no real interest in anything as far as i can see. Tho he is a dwarf and from my experiences
they are very trustworthy. i need to know more about him before i can tell if he will be of use to me and my quest to save the empire.

I know it was not by chance that i got trapped in Blechwenden Sigmar led me there and the others. they will be good allies in the times to come.
The wrong doing here in Blechwenden will be righted by my hand. hopefully this will show the others that my path is a righteous one and join me in the purification of this great empire!

session 2 more thoughts from Klaus von Meyer

Well is seem there is much more to this small town of Blechwenden then i first thought. A simple murder with the haunting of the dead is just the beginning.
Now it seems the father was killed by goblins but the sisterAnthea Flook was not dead. After a fight with the ghost and some threatening of bodily harm to Rutger Lurchen he finally came clean and lead use to the cellar were he showed us his sister in law
Anthea. She is a bloody MUTANT!!!!! Needless to say i make quick work of here and sent here to Morr
As for the rest of the family i would like to burn them all for they are all guilty of heresy!!! for habering a mutant.
The group i am with seem to think no one is guilty not even the nasty mutant. How can they think such things after what we have seen here. And now the wizard said there are rumors of warpstone in the area. Even more a reason to BERN THIS HOLE TOWN TO THE GROUND AND EVERY ONE IN IT!!!!!!!!!
The mighty Sigmar will be proud of me this day for i will kill many heretics. And nobody will get in my way even if innocents must die it will be worth it to get these sick and twisted people from corrupting any more citizens of this great empire.

Help Me Sigmar

_Oh mighty sigmar help me in my time of need.My patience it running thin. I know why you sent me here but the other people who got trap’t here with me do not see the truth in front of them.
The elf Anierra is set on letting the lurchen family go free. I know in my hart the the elf is not an evil man,he just dose not understand how easily most humans can get corrupted he needs to understand that corruption dose not always mean mutation. I am willing to die for my cause but i hope it dose not come to that.
As for the others i don’t think they will stop me,they wont like it but i think in there harts they know i am right.
Please sigmar guide my hand, tell me what i need to do, if Anierra or anyone attempt’s to stop me from my duty do i stop come back later?…do i kill anyone who gets in my way?…my uncle always told me be vigilant and do sigmars work no mater what the cost!!! hmm easier said than done.

Hail Sigmar

I thought better than to kill the lurchen family ,Tho i wanted to kill them all, I could not bring myself to kill the kids. I could not kill the parents in front of the kids ether. I dont know if it was Sigmars guided hand telling me not to kill them or i am just not strong enough to do what needed to be done.
I took the family into custody and headed east…I found an in that just happened to have 4 priest’s of Sigmar having a drink,one of them happened to be a lector of Altdorf who knows of my family name Von Meyer. I told him the story of the lurchen family and they lock’t them up in the Inn till road wardens came….
As we left the in i felt Simar walking beside me “i have done the right thing with the lurchen’s” Sigmar will lead me to my next task and ill prove to Him ones more of my dedication to purify this mighty empire.


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