Wilhelma Vonrueter

Spiteful sister


Age: mid twenties
Build: slender, attractive
Eyes: brown
Hair: brunette

An attractive woman with full lips dark eyes and a suggestive frame


Wilhelma is a jealous, spiteful and spoilt daddy’s girl. She hates her little sister with a passion and wishes her ill but has not got the courage to be rid of her herself. Five years ago one of Ondurin’s captives was a small child – Ondurin had her killed, re-animated and he gave the undead child to Elena too keep her company since she didn’t like Anya very much.

Father: Ondurin Vonrueter
Mother: Sanne Vonrueter
Brother: Gustav Vonrueter (deceased)
Brother: Sothelin Vonrueter
Sister: Anya Vonrueter

The party Anierra Ierrionessa, Klaus von Meyer, Ricknar Rithur, Brieg first encountered Wilhelma in the adventure Carrion Call at Schloss Vonrueter

killed by Klaus von Meyer

Wilhelma Vonrueter

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