Sothelin Vonrueter

Loyal Son


Age: Mid twenties
Build: muscular, handsome
Hair: Dark, wavy
Eyes: Blue

A dark brooding and handsome young man with intense features


Sothelim is the apple of Ondurin’s eye. From a young age he showed keen interest in his father’s dark arts but lacked the capacity to cast like his older brother Gustav. Instead of proving his arcane talents Sothelim learnt the way of the sword and has become a force to be reckoned with, mounted combat is his speciality and combined with Ondurin’s undead force it is up to Sothelim to keep the Beastmen, Witchhunters and other menaces from interrupting his father’s studies.

In order to command his father’s forces Ondurin has gifted Sothelim with a signet ring with limited controlling powers. While Sothelim cannot raise any new creatures and can command small amounts of them to do his bidding.

Ondurin Vonrueter – Father (deceased)
Sanne Vonrueter – Mother (deceased)
Gustav Vonrueter – Brother (deceased)
Wilhelma Vonrueter – Sister (deceased)
Anya Vonrueter – Sister

Sothelin Vonrueter

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