Schadrach Burke

Priest of Morr


Age: 60’s
Build: thin, wasted
Hair: White from what little remains
Eyes: Brown

A morose looking man with sunken eyes.


Schadrach Burke has served the cult of Morr for his entire life. To those who don’t know him he is almost frightening in appearance and coupled with his dedication to the god of death most citizens of Ubersreik steer well clear of him and pray to the gods when he enters there homes. Those that do know him however find he is a friendly jovial old man that’s quick to laugh and would do anything to help out a friend or a grieving mourner.

Recently an epidemic of ghoulpox whisked away the majority of his staff an all that remains is a pair of grave wardens which Schadrach works constantly. Due to the death of his fellow priests and the influx of bodies caused by the plague his Garden of Morr has fallen into disrepair and will likely remain that way lest he recent some volunteers of the cult headquarters sends new staff.

The party The party Anierra Ierrionessa, Ricknar Rithur, Klaus von Meyer, Friedrich Nöbbelmeis von Baumenrauch, Brieg met Schadrach in the adventure “Revenant” when they were investigating the graves of the ghosts.

Schadrach Burke

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