Rutger Lurchen

Mountain Man and guest house owner


Age: Mid 30’s
Build: Stocky/strong
Hair: Blonde curly hair

A large strong man with short curly blonde hair and a ruddy complexion.


A mountain man through and through Rutger Lurchen has been working at the Blechwenden guest house for the past 5 years with his father in law. He and his family moved into the guest house 5 years ago after his farm was attacked by Goblins, Jospeh (Rutger’s father in law) took them in with open arms. After Joseph’s tragic death by Goblin’s several months ago Rutger, Mathilda and Anthea has been running the guesthouse ever since.


Father in law: Joseph Flook
Wife: Mathilda Lurchen
Sister in law: Anthea Flook
Son: Fritz Lurchen
Daughter: Estelle Lurchen

Rutger Lurchen

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