Ondurin Vonrueter

Vonrueter Patriach


Age: Early fifties
Eyes: Blue
Build: Barrel chested, fit
Hair: Grey, receding with a neat beard



Patriach of the Vonrueter family, Ondurin originally purchased the property off Sven Fiersinger over twenty years ago and renamed it Schloss Vonrueter. He is a driven man and his thirst for knowledge borders on obsessive.

The party Anierra Ierrionessa, Brieg, Klaus von Meyer, Ricknar Rithur first met Ondurin in “Carion Call” when they returned to him the family seal to him which Gustav Vonrueter had given him. Ondurin is a powerful necromancer and magister of the dark arts. He killed his son Gustav and uses him to lure travellers to his country manner where he kills them and reanimates their bodies for his own personal uses. He spoils his daughter Wilhelma for being loyal like Sothelin and persecutes Anya for being wayward like Gustav. Ondurin also reanimated a corpse of a five year old girl and gave her to Wilhelma to keep her company. Wilhelma named her Elena after Ondurin’s mother.


Sanne Vonrueter – Wife (deceased)
Jonah Vonrueter – Son (deceased)
Gustav Vonrueter – Son (deceased)
Sothelin Vonrueter – Son
Wilhelma Vonrueter – Daughter (deceased)
Anya Vonrueter – Daughter

killed by Klaus von Meyer

Ondurin Vonrueter

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