Lorith Silverleaf



Age: Early four hundreds
Build: Slender, attractive, elven
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Black, bulbous (elf eyes)

A beautiful elf with long puffy blonde hair and a regal bearing.


Lorith Ayane is a minor elven noble of Tiranoc. From a young age she was trained to be a diplomat, her great, great grandfather is held in high regard by the pheonix king and when he expressed interest in keeping an eye on the growing city of Ubersreik in the human lands her ancestor suggested the young Lorith for the job, the Pheonix King agreed.

Lorith is know the direct representative of the pheonix king in southern Reikland , while the area at the moment is of low importance things might change in the coming centuries and Lorith takes her job seriously.

She resides in Old Bauer Manor in Ubersreik’s and oversees official duties and elven interests in the region. Recently she took to remodeling the place and the exterior her state is adorned with the Pheonix king’s banners and her door is carved from Lothern oak. Once a week she hosts culture parties were she teaches the humans about the benefits of her civilization and hosts a series of crafting workshops for the noblewomen of Ubersreik, and to receive an invite from the high elf ambassador is enviable indeed.

Shortly after arriving in Ubersreik she went under the alias of Lorith Silverleaf as she didn’t like the way humans pronounced her house name. Other than that minor incident she finds humans quaint and rather amusing and does not possess the loathing hatred that some other elves do for the “lesser race”


The party Anierra Ierrionessa, Ricknar Rithur, Klaus von Meyer, Friedrich Nöbbelmeis von Baumenrauch, Brieg met Caoifell in the adventure “Revenant” when Anierra went looking for job opportunities and Lorith pointed her to the two Elven merchant houses in Ubersreik.

Lorith Silverleaf

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