Klex Narscabber



Age: early fifties
Build: Stocky with wiry limbs, slight hunchback
hair: black speckled with white, same for his beard
Eyes: hazel

A short hunched reasonably well maintained man with a stocky frame yet somehow frail at the same time


Klex was born in Altdorf to rich parents who discovered his passion for magic at a young age. Terrified at the scandal of having a rogue magic user they shipped him off to the grey order and never saw him again. Klex hated every moment of academy life and when he graduated as an apprentice he promptly quit. Necromancy caught his eye and he began to dabble in that but decided he would need further training and spent many years at the physicians guild training and eventually gaining his doctorate.

The opportunity rose to move to Ubersreik and Klex set up shop there. He continued to work hard and dabble in the dark arts on the side and the physician’s guild expelled him, saying that he was to sadistic and vial for them. Klex shut up his practice and began to fully concentrate on his dark magic ability eventually finding the tomb of a regenerating blood dragon named Sir Bandic in the Ubersreik hills.

Klex began to redouble his efforts, if he could control a blood dragon with his vile magic Klex will be powerful indeed and he would make the grey college and the physicians guild pay for mistreating him.


The party Anierra Ierrionessa Klaus von Meyer Friedrich Nöbbelmeis von Baumenrauch Brieg Ricknar Rithur first encountered Klex in the adventure “Revenant” when they found out he had the skull and bones of the Schiergens in his residence. The party defeated him and his zombies and gave him up to the authorities.

Klex Narscabber

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