Klaus von Meyer

A scruffy looking human. has a sense of pride and nobility about him


wight: 185lbs
has a full beard and shoulder length hair
carries a flail and a crossbow wears chainmail


is a devout follower of sigmar.
feels it is his duty to eliminate all chaos and evil in his beloved empire

grew up in Altdorf in the cult of Sigmar. his father Leon Von Meyer is a priest and taught young Klaus the ways of Sigmar and the dangers of chaos. But Klaus always looked up to his uncle(fathers brother) Walter Von Meyer for his life was much more exiting. He is a well renown witch hunter and would always tell young Klaus of his exploits. Klaus wanted a life like his uncle’s now that he is a man he sets out to make his own way and maybe…. someday… “I will become a mighty witch hunter myself!!!”

killed Anthea Flook
killed Wilhelma Vonrueter
killed Sanne Vonrueter
killed Ondurin Vonrueter

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Klaus von Meyer

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