Jonah Vonrueter

Forgotten Son


Age: Early Thirties
Build: Malnourished, guant
Hair: Shaggy and black with a great matted beard.
Eyes: Brown

A shaggy, filth encrusted man wearing flimsy rags



Jonah is Ondurin’s real eldest son. Many years ago Ondurin tried to impart his gift of the dark arts onto his son but the dark energies of the warp made him crazy and he was unable to cast no longer. Ondurin then locked him up while he decided what to do with him but soon after forgot he even existed, Jonah was only kept alive by the Vonrueter’s undead servant Lothar who still followed Ondurin’s command of 17 years ago to bring food and water to Jonah’s cell once per day.

The party Ricknar Rithur, Anierra Ierrionessa, Klaus von Meyer, Brieg first met Jonah when they rescued him from his cell. Jonah had been down there for so long that he had not heard of his youngest sister Anya. It turned out however that Jonah was not only crazy but dangerous and as soon as he got the chance he tried to kill Anya but was stopped by Brieg in the process.


Father – Ondurin Vonrueter (deceased)
Mother – Sanne Vonrueter (deceased)
Brother – Gustav Vonrueter (deceased)
Brother – Sothelin Vonrueter
Sister – Wilhelma Vonrueter (deceased)
Sister – Anya Vonrueter

Killed by Brieg

Jonah Vonrueter

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