Gustav Vonrueter

Eldest Son


Age: late twenties
Eyes: Blue
Build: fit
Hair: Dark



Eldest son of the Vonrueters Gustav was a wayward child and chose the life of adventure over his family. The party Anierra Ierrionessa, Brieg, Klaus von Meyer, Ricknar Rithur found Gustav dying along the side of the road in the adventure “Carrion Call”. Gustav asked them to return his families seal to Schloss Vonrueter and to his family.


Sanne Vonrueter – Mother (deceased)
Ondurin Vonrueter – Father (deceased)
Jonah Vonrueter – brother (deceased)
Sothelin Vonrueter – Brother
Wilhelma Vonrueter – Sister (deceased)
Anya Vonrueter – Sister

In Carrion Call it was revealed that Gustav was a ghost and that he had been killed many years ago by his father. Ondurin bound Gustav’s soul into his service and used his son to lure passer bys’s into Schloss Vonrueter so Ondurin could experiment on them

Gustav Vonrueter

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