Gunther Emming

High Priest of Sigmar


Age: Late fifties
Build: Ageing
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Bald

A bigoted, bald, cruel faced man with cold sunken eyes, pale skin and an intimidating demeanour.


Born from a rich into a rich Reikland noble family Gunther was the third son and was gifted to the church of Sigmar. From a young age Gunter showed remarkable interest into Sigmar’s teachings, much more than the other initiates and he was particular fond of Sigmar’s punishments of heretics and worshipers of chaos. Eventually Gunter reached a position of authority in his local Altdorf church from where he reigned supreme through the use of beatings and fear. He was on target to be the next Lector for his temple before his fellow associate and friend Leon Von Meyer betrayed him by taking his concerns of Gunter’s cruel and unorthodox teachings to Altdorf’s high priest who immediately transferred him to the backwater town of Ubersreik.

It is here where that he remained, slowly rising thriugh the ranks before running his temple with a righteous, cruel and viscous fervour.


The party Anierra Ierrionessa, Ricknar Rithur, Klaus von Meyer, Brieg met Gunter in the adventure “Revenant” after the Sigmar church released the party from jail and Gunter commanded them to rid Ubersreik of it’s ghost problem.

Gunther Emming

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