Friedrich Nöbbelmeis von Baumenrauch

Noble and Pistolier


Thin, short man with a well trimmed, beard that has just started to grey. Slight limp.
Donned in armour he’ll look your typical pistolier, not uncommonly smoking his skull-and-imperial cross pipe.
For finer banquets he’ll dress in his yellow/purple fluffy finery and fit right in with his graceful and decently courtly manners.
Unless clearly inappropriate he’ll have his ole trusty Gretl at his left belt side. It’s a pistol, poorly oiled and in disrepair, yet a loved heirloom.
Black Hanz is his trusty steed. It’s a meek creature, and daft even for a horse.

*Ex PC


Some say it was the unwelcome and repeated moves at the captain’s wife. Others that it was the misfortunate duel with young Lord Matthias Bobendruck. Or maybe the Wittgendorf Stampede was the final straw that shot down his pistolier career. Being born high can only save you for so long. According to Lord Friedrich himself, he was tired of the job anyway, and it’s not like he needed the karls. His fathers stipend would provide well for his needs. Besides, being raised to knighthood really wasn’t for him anyway.

“Barding and lances is so last century! Court politics is the way of the future, and glory can be had elsewhere..”

After some other incident (that Friedrich would not talk about under gunpoint) the man’s been holed up in a small Sigmarite monastery in the Drakwald for the last few months. Fasting, praying and finding new meaning in life. He wouldn’t strike you as a god-fearing man normally, but he’s changed. A man ready to do good. Yeah, Sigmar’s got a purpose with this one! Friedrich’s sure of it.

Friedrich left the party after the death of Brieg and returned to the military.

Friedrich Nöbbelmeis von Baumenrauch

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