Frank Dickow

Retired Knight of the Inner Circle for the order of the Broken Sword


Age: Early 70’s
Build: Barrel chested, muscular and fit
Hair: White, balding with a fine cavalry moustache
eyes: Brown

A barrel chested, muscular white haired and moustached old man who looks remarkably well for his substantial age.


Lord Frank Dickow (or “Dick” to his friends), a Reiklander by birth spent the majority of his life in Middenland as a Knight of the Order of the Broken Sword. He retired in 2512 and moved to Ubersreik which is where he remains with his wife Helga to whom he married in 2467. While living in the city he frequently visits his hunting lodge about a days travel from Ubersreik towards the Grey Mountains.

Frank believes in the semi Feudal system that governs the provinces in the Empire whole heartedly. He believes that the it’s the noble’s divine right to rule and the peasants divine right to work however unlike most nobles he takes his duties seriously. Frank champions the common man, he provides them with excellent working conditions and fair pay, he defends them and in return he expects the peasants to provide an income for him so he can provide to his liege lord and so on. This belief in equal work within the class systems has led him to be unpopular with many of the local Lords in Ubersreik who take advantage of those under them, in truth some say Lord Dickow prefers the company over the common man over his social peers, Lord Dickow inclines to agree.


The party Ricknar Rithur, Anierra Ierrionessa, Klaus von Meyer, Brieg first met Lord Dickow in the adventure “Carrion Call” when they saved him and his wife Helga from a bandit attack.

Frank Dickow

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