Anthea Flook

Daughter of Joseph


Mutated Form – transparent skin.



Anthea has lived all her life with her father in their guest house in Blechwenden. 5 years ago her sister Mathilda and her family moved in. When Joseph died the family ran the guesthouse together. Currently Anthea is not staying at the guest house as she is in Ubersreik waiting out the winter.


Father: Joseph Flook – Deceased
Sister: Mathilda Lurchen
Brother in Law: Rutger Lurchen
Nephew: Fritz Lurchen
Niece: Estelle Lurchen


The party Ricknar Rithur, Anierra Ierrionessa, Klaus von Meyer, first encountered Anthea in Blechwenden in the adventure “The Ghost of Mondstille”. Anthea had been turned into a mutant and upon her discovery, Klaus promptly killed her.

Killed by Klaus von Meyer

Anthea Flook

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