Sigmar's Heirs

Shattered Dreams - Session 2

Death at a party....

29.12.2519 –


They were through the window and inside what appeared to be a bedroom. Anierra took a glance at a nearby mirror and almost recoiled in fright, why did se even bother with her appearance anyway? She put hours of effort into her costume and after 10 minutes of adventuring her dress was ruined, her hair a trash heap and she had Ricknar’s muddy footprint implanted on her face.

The Elf took a further look and almost recoiled again, this time at an old noble couple who appeared to be resting peacefully in their bed if it wasn’t for a crimson stain across their white linen and open gashes across their throats. Anierra heard Essing’s sound of disgust, looks like his eyes finally adjusted to the dark.

The door flung open and Anierra readied her weapon as a hairy disgusting brute stormed in with a flail raised high. The three combatants paused, Anierra blinked once, was that Klaus? Klaus it was as the former zealot now turned degenerate greeted Anierra with his usual passive hostility towards her.

After some introductions to Essing and some explanation by Klaus, Anierra discovered Klaus was here to murder bandits that had a price on their heads. Perhaps this was more than a coincident, fate had brought them back together? No not that, more like ill fortune. Klaus grunted at the bodies on the bed and began talking to himself. That was strange. Klaus always said he saw visions, now he’s talking to them? Perhaps Anierra should clout him in the back of the head and dump him at the insane asylum?

Klaus said there was nobody downstairs so he was working his way up and as the building was three stories his target was bound to be on the third.


The knight checked the rooms on the floor and was saddened by the discovery of a murdered child and the bodies of Agnes Schild and the two guardsmen who accompanied her down the alley. Klaus, this associate of the elf, had spent his time looting everything which wasn’t nailed down. Why did the creature suffer such intolerable company? The elf tried to stuff herself in some leather armour she “borrowed” of one of the guardsmen while the man called Klaus rummaged through the pockets of the guardsmen for petty coin. Essing noticed the corpse of a fourth person in the corner, he looked like he didn’t belong with the guardsmen, he noticed the wounds on the man’s chest and how they were consistent with the weapons that Agnes and her guards carried. At least they got one of them.

Essing headed up to the third floor with Klaus and Anierra in tow. The knight paused as he heard voices from behind a doorway, it appeared they had found the guardsmen’s murderers. Essing listened close to the door but he couldn’t pick out any specific words. Suddenly there was a shout and Essing scrambled out of the way as Klaus battered down the door and yelled, flail raised high.

Essing stood dumbfounded and stole a glance inside the room as the thug passed by, There were three men in the room, two of them were Klaus’s targets. They were standard low life stock dressed in leathers, nothing to be concerned about, but the third was something the knight had ever seen before. The man was short but was definitely human and was dressed head to toe in black, the only visible skin visible was a small slit across his eyes. From what he noticed the man’s skin had an odd tinge to it and his eyes were noticeably slanted but Essing didn’t think it was a mutation.

Essing loosed an arrow at one of the lowlifes as Klaus smashed down the other with his flail. Anierra rushed forward and engaged the lowlife Essing shot at but as the knight notched another arrow the man in black dived out of an open window. Essing paused, did he kill himself? Klaus beat down his opponent with brutal efficiency as Anierra stepped past her foe’s guard and cut him down.

Essing rushed out towards the window but the man in black had disappeared, by the angle in which he dove Essing was sure he’d be a broken heap on the cobblestones below but he simply vanished. Essing turned to the man known as Klaus and observed him hacking off the heads of the thugs, he almost seemed to be enjoying it. Anierra was investigating a large device in the centre of the room, Essing’s eyes widened, it was a mortar! The weapon was very much a home job, the frame was bare untreated wood, possible even assembled here. The barrel however was the barrel of a mortar, it lacked the stamp of the Imperial armoury but it was clear that the barrel was not makeshift.

Essing looked inside it and found that it had ben loaded with powder but not explosives. The knight looks around the room and found a gunpowder barrel in the corner, he opened it and found a peculiar viscous liquid which was powdery upon touch. Essing frowned, he had seen this before in Talabheim, the dwarfs called it liquid fire, naptha. Essing judged the trajectory of the mortar through the open window and found that with the right amount of powder these men could have discharged the naptha right into the heart of the theatre where Baron Holzenhauer was having his party.

Essing told the party what he had found and said that they should inform the watch as quick as possible, espicially since the watch captain, Andrea Pfieffer was attending the party. Anierra disagreed, she told Essing that she had been working too hard to gain Baron Holzenhauer’s favour over the past few months and informing the watch captain and having her shut down his party would do both Holzenhaur and herself no favours. The elf agreed they should report this, however after the party had ended. They had eliminated the threat and no harm should come to the party goers, so what if the guard’s investigation delayed for a few hours.

Essing reluctantly agreed while Klaus, having collected his two heads for bounty, said he’d turn these in for some coin and that he’d see Anierra around. Anierra grumbled a sarcastic reply and Essing returned to the party with the elf and tow. Anierra informed Holzenhauer of the mortar situation and the demise of his security chief, the baron was saddened by the news but thanked the elf for preventing an already terrible party turning into utter disaster. Essing and Anierra waited out the night keeping a watchful eye for activity but saw nothing and at the end of the night told the watch captain, Andrea Pfeiffer.

The Conclusion

Essing found out that Captain Pfeiffer was no fan of Anierra and that the two had history. Pfeiffer took the details of the sitaution and Essing and Anierra gave her a walkthrough of the scene of the crime. When they returned they found ot their dismay that all of the bodies had been removed, the gangsters, guardsmen and the parents and their child had been removed. Thankfully whoever removed them did not have time to dissemble the mortar or move the naptha barrel.

Several other watchmen arrived led by Sergeant Tenerfield, Pfeiffer told the group that aside from minor crimes of break and entry they were the chief suspects of what had occurred here and that they were under arrest. The group was processed and thrown into the cells at the guard station where they spent the time with an old time cell mate by the name of Big Pete. Pete was glad to see Anierra whom he had grown to like during their previous stays in the jail cell together but aside from the recurrence of petty crimes nothing was new with the full time jailbird.

Anierra and Essing waited out the night and in the morning Captain Pfeiffer released them stating that there were independent witnesses who had come forward and validated their innocence.

End Session


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