Sigmar's Heirs

Revenant - Session 5

Law and order...

9.12.2517 – 9.12.2517


Anierra waited at the door of Sere’quen Llefen. The elf was tired, unhappy, cold and largely unimpressed herself, especially since she was about to ask her childhood tormentor for a favour.
The elven servant from earlier in the night answered the door and Anierra entered for the second time in several hours.

The servant asked Anierra her business and Anierra wanted a room for the night without Sere’quen knowing. The servant smiled and asked what Anierra could provide and her eyes narrowed, she was being swindled by a common born! Anierra offered the servant gold but the servant laughed it off, saying she had no use for the filthy human currency and to Anierra’s surprise what the servant really wanted was her armour.

Anierra flatly refused this and the servant left to inform her master of “his ladie’s” arrival, leaving Anierra to stew in her decision and a short time after Sere’quen appeard, perverse pleasure written over his face that his wayward quarry had returned.

Anierra asked Sere’quen for a room and explained the situation in a very short manner. Sere’quen was very pleased with the situation enjoyed watching Anierra squirm, he was aware of Anierra’s hate for him and he wanted to drag her through the dirt before he made his decision and Sere’quen was getting the leverage over Anierra until the swordsmaster displayed her recent injuries.

Anierra had received a viscous bite off the ghouls earlier in the night and had requested for Sere’quen to provide medical attention. Sere’quen was doing his usual routine of baiting her rises when he noticed a droplet of blood forming on the edge of her glove.

Anierra noticed Sere’quen’s reaction and realised her hand was hovering over a rather expensive white couch and the swordsmaster smiled wolfishly. Sere’quen tried to hurry her along but she would not move, she then dipped her hand down low so more blood would gather on the droplet, increasing Sere’quen’s concern for his property by tenfold.

Anierra told Sere’quen to drop all of his ridiculous conditions for her to stay here and that the only thing she would agree to do was another night’s dinner, if he didn’t agree she might forget to move her hand in time before she stained Sere’quen’s priceless sofa.

Sere’quen agreed and showed her to her room, the servant from earlier dressed her wounds and after placing chair behind the door she disarmed and collapsed on the bed, falling asleep almost instantly.


Ricknar placed his hand on the Bright order sigil, and concentrated the winds of magic onto the door. The door swung open and for the first time Ricknar entered his home away from home, the town house which his master had hired out for his studies of the Ubersreik region.

Ricknar went upstairs and found out all the other apprentices were out on duties, the only one home was his master Augustus Tannenbaum. Ricknar explained the situation of the necromancer’s book, Brieg and the raid on the Red Moon Inn and asked for his master’s help.

Tannenbaum agreed that it was right to inform him of the situation and explained more about the nature of dark grimiores. The master wizard said there are normally three types of dark books which necromancer’s leave behind. The first is a rather mundane collection of magical spells and notes, these are relatively harmless to an everyday man who encounters them, the last two are much more dangerous.

The second involves a collection of spells which the dark wizard magically inscribes. The inscriptions on these allows dark magic to collect about the book that slowly corrupts the area and the souls within it’s reach. The Dark magic lures foolish victims into thinking they can contain it’s power and it’s at this stage which anyone who is not aware of it’s lethality falls to it’s vile charms but the book however is still an inanimate object and the dark magic which pollutes it is without direction or purpose.

The third type and worst of all is when a sorcerer, usually a necromancer, imbues part of his soul in the book. This type of grimoire is similar to the second however the book becomes self aware. The book can whisper in the minds of nearby men and show them their deepest desires and can even tailor it’s approach depending on who it’s seeking.

The victim is often unawares and is an unwitting pawn to the books desires and if separated from the tome for a period of time will reverse any ill affects. Tannenbaum said that they needed to locate Brieg and his book immediately but the first thing they needed to do was to prevent Gunther Emming from killing everyone in the red moon inn and to do that they needed the help of the leader of the magical community, a grey wizard by the name of Bruno Poelger.

Klaus and Friedrich

Gunther Emming stood before Klaus and Friederich, his face a mask of rage. Klaus had just filled the high priest in on the situation with Brieg and the Red Moon inn and Emming was ropeable. Gunter gave Klaus a sharp dressing down, belittling his traitorous family and idiocy in letting this heresy occur under his own watch.

Frederich however found this amusing and Gunter had a go about him too, saying he was a lay about failure that would never amount to anything, Friedrich then kept his mouth shut. Gunter however did agree on Klaus’s plan of action and high priest told the pair to meet him outside the red moon inn, Emming then left to gather up some watchmen to prepare for the raid in which he would lead personally.

The Red Moon Inn

The watchmen marched in unison led by Captain Andrea Pfieffer and approached the inn. The captain shot an icy stare in Klaus’s direction. Klaus remembered Captain Pfieffer’s parting words to him from earlier in the evening, “If you cause any more trouble in my town I will take you to the dungeon myself and drown you, High Priest be damned!” Klaus gulped as she marched by him.

The watchmen fell upon the inn, ejecting the tenants and lining them up outside for questioning. The innkeeper was distraught as his Inn was piece by piece being destroyed and upon sighting of Frederich lamented that the demons have returned to destroy his inn once more.

Gunter Emming was about the soldiers with a righteous fury, shouting for the men to find the accursed book and bring it to him at once while Andrea Pfieffer forcibly removed a large boisterous patron.

The light shifted and suddenly Ricknar and two old men appeared. One of the men, a grey cloaked figure marched straight up to Emming and the two began a shouting match. Klaus, puzzled as to what was going on asked Ricknar what was happening and Ricknar said this was his master and the leader of the magical community and that they were here to supervise and to assist searching of the book.

After Emming stopped protesting Poelger’s appearance the grey wizard and Tannenbaum used their magical abilities to assist in the search. Poelger searched the place thorough and concluded that the book was no longer here, the focus of the raid then switched to interrogating the staff and patrons of the inn.

Klaus and Friedrich questioned the owner heavily but the evidence was inconclusive and they were not able to find any lead on the books whereabouts. Emming and Pfieffer likewise turned up nothing in their questioning and approached Klaus.

Due to a lack of leads Gunter asked Klaus who was the last person to have contact with the book. Klaus replied saying that it was fellow party member Brieg who had mysteriously disappeared recently, Gunter then issued an arrest warrant for Brieg under suspicions of necromancy and that Klaus conduct his trial.

Klaus protested this and said to Ricknar and Friedrich that he would protect Brieg to the last but Gunter’s word was final, Andrea Pfieffer noted Brieg’s appearance from the group and circulated it around the guardsmen, there was now a witch hunt in town and Brieg was the quarry.

Ricknar asked his master of Poelger is there anything that they could do and Poelger stated that if Brieg were to do something heroic he may have a chance of surviving the Sigmarite’s farce they call a trial, in the mean time if Brieg was found they could keep him safe enough as they doubted Brieg had sinister motives and were certain he was the unwitting pawn of the evil grimoire.

Ricknar had enough of tonight and said he was returning to his quarters and that he’d meet Klaus and Friedrich tomorrow morning at the Garden of Morr to investigate the ghoul tracks, the pair agreed and split up to find their respective resting place for the night.

The Graveyard and the Forest

The party all met early morning outside the party of Morr and no-one was in a good mood. Friedrich filled in Anierra on the previous nights events and the elf was taken aback, why was the case of human idiocy so prevalent in the group she travelled with?

The group searched the area for tracks and evidence, they were keen to capitalise on the arrival of the ghoul’s last night and track them back to their hideout, there they were certain they would find the origin of the ghost hauntings and bring those responsible to justice.

The fresh snowfall which occurred early morning obscured what remained of the tracks but some handy spotting by Ricknar led them out in the forest. The group had some reservations about setting out an unknown forest in the middle of high Winter but Friedrich with his excellent outdoor experience said it would not be a problem.

The group then followed the ghouls tracks to a frozen marsh and encountered over a dozen of them camped on an island littered with the delug of their ill gotten gains. Ricknar melted a patch of snow so the party could manoeuvre effectively and the ghouls charged. Flail’s smashed, skin charred, swords sliced and pistols fired and soon the ghouls were either dead, captured or running in terror.

End session

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