Sigmar's Heirs

Revenant - Session 4

A graveyard smash...

8.12.2517 – 9.12.2517

The Street

Klaus stepped forward to interpose himself between Andre Vogel and Ricknar, he knew the witch hunter was here for Ricknar and as usual Vogel was not one for questions. “Stand aside, this foul wizard is suspected of necromancy” Klaus refused and the zealots fanned out and surrounded the party.

Vogel protested the insolent behavior displayed by Klaus and then the witch hunter’s eyes widened with hate as he realized who he was talking to. Vogel denounced Klaus as he the false prophet, the one who they had sent to replace him and began raging at the unmoving zealot.
The zealots stood by menacingly, Ricknar stood firm, he didn’t want to antagonize the dim witted fanatics by using any of his magic and with Anierra and Brieg watching out for him he should be fine. Ella Schiergen, began to wail and scream and floated her ghostly from through he ranks of the zealots who scrambled out of their way in fear, Andre Vogel did not even pay attention to the apparition and continued his shouting match with the resolute Klaus who was taunting Vogel about his incompetence.

The party began to hear the rhythmic march of soldiers approaching and Klaus hoped they could be used for their side. Klaus was on a mission for a high priest and even though Vogel was a Witch hunter, he was halting his progress. Klaus smiled and challenged Vogel to a duel, this should buy them some time for the soldiers to arrive and disperse the mob.

Anierra removed the skull of Ella Schiergen from Klaus’s belt and held it aloft stating that they needed to get the skull to the graveyard so the ghost will not plague the city anymore. Most of the zealots backed off as they were under strict instructions from Vogel not to cause a ruckus but one of them upon seeing the elf with the skull raised his weapon and charged.

Anierra stepped aside, avoiding the clumsy blow and the party stood firm, they would not fight back. Vogel, upon seeing his retinue break ranks began yelling and screaming. The soldiers the party heard earlier marched into view and at the head of them marched the guard captain who had processed their arrest only yesterday, her name was Andrea Pfieffer

Andrea was not amused at the disruption caused by the ghost and ordered it to be detained, much to the horror of her soldiers. Vogel tried to conscript Pfieffer into destroying the party but Pfieffer said they were all to lay down their weapons and be questioned. The party complied but Vogel began insulting the captain when they started disarming his men, Vogel drew a pistol and attempted to shoot a guardsman who was struggling with a non cooperative zealot. Andrea’s arm shot out as quick as lighting and pushed Vogel’s and the shot flew clear of her soldier and harmlessly into a nearby building, she then had him arrested and they carted the screaming Vogel and his gang of cronies to the dungeons.

Pfieffer questioned the group and said that she had orders to leave them alone while they were dealing with the ghost situation. The party explained why the ghost was following them and what they intended to do and Andrea said that seemed feasible however she also said that if they caused another disturbance in the city she would “take you to the dungeons and drown you, High Priest be damned!”

The Graveyard

Schadrach Burke looked at the skull and simply asked, “Where is the rest of it?”, the party did not know. Father Burke went on to explain that he would need all of what remained of Ella Schiergen in order to perform the damning ceremony and put her soul to rest once more.

Anierra and Ricknar reckoned that rest could be found at the physicians house, the one who was being haunted by the male ghost. Klaus left the skull of Ella Schiergen and the jaw of (presumably) Uwe Schiergen with Father Burke and Ricknar asked the priest of Morr if they could stay behind and watch the graveyard for a few hours.

Ricknar remembered the foot prints at the Farhoff estate matched those at the graveyard and he was keen to wait around and see of the grave stealing culprits returned. The night was already heading towards early morning and if he was a grave robber, around about now was the time he would strike. The suspect would be aware of the cult of Morr’s lack of staffing and would not be expecting four highly trained warriors guarding the fields and Ricknar was betting that over confidence would be their downfall.

The group spread about about the graveyard and waited into the dead of the cold’s winters night until Ricknar heard a noise. The wizard looked about into the dark, they had not lit any torches lest they were spotted by whoever would appear to haunt the dead tonight and it had looked like it worked.

Ricknar spotted Anierra as his closest ally, he knew the elf had little difficulty seeing in this low light particularly when the moon was as full as it was and he motioned that he saw something, he didn’t risk calling out to the rest of the group lest he drew attention and their quarry escaped. Ricknar advanced cautiously with Anierra parallel , he knew that one of them eventually would run into whatever was out there.

Ricknar spotted movement again and advanced cautiously when all went quiet. The wizard waited and still nothing happened, maybe whatever was out of there went to ground? Ricknar paused, gathered the winds of magic about and lit himself on fire.

The light exploded in the dark graveyard and Ricknar could see clearly what was in front of him, not fifteen feet away stood a pack of four hideous creatures. The creatures vaguely reassembled humans except they were hunched over and their naked wrinkly pink skin was a grotesque sight indeed.

Ricknar had never seen them before but he had studied them and their bat like ears did not sway him for he knew what they were and no ghoul would unsteady Ricknar Rithur. Ricknar booked it back to the safety of the party and they raised there weapons as the ghouls charged. Klaus swung and Anierra sliced while Ricknar gathered the winds of magic about him with catastrophic consequences.

Time distorted and it was if Ricknar was operating in another dimension a half pace out of reality. Klaus looked over his shoulder at the wizard but was preoccupied with the ghoul trying to tear his face off and couldn’t interject, while Klaus was uncertain of the wizard’s ability he knew by the his reaction that this wasn’t normal and Klaus would not hesitate to kill if chaos took control of him.

Ricknar retreated to the rear of the party to concentrate on his channeling while Brieg stood watch for the ghouls in case they escaped Klaus and Anierra’s guard. Unfortunately for Ricknar his second spell went off worse than the first.

Ricknar cried out in pain has two huge bulbous fly like eyes erupted from his face while Brieg watched mouth agape. Ricknar’s first thought was Klaus’s reaction but luckily the zealot hadn’t noticed his change, despite Brieg’s attempts to call attention to them. Ricknar’s vision was improved and with relief he could feel that the mutation was only temporary, once the chaos energies dissipated out of his body he would return to normal once again.

Brieg stared terrified at the sight of the hideous creature that was Ricknar Rithur. The wizard had huge fly eyes and his body was burning all around him, Brieg had never seen a deamon before but if he did he reckoned it would look a lot like this wizard fiend here. Ricknar paused as if contemplating something and looked right at him with his hideous face and asked, “So Brieg, what did you do with my book?”

Oh no, he remembered! Brieg was supposed to give that book Ricknar gave him to his master. Why didn’t he do that? He couldn’t remember, he just started reading on the way and he forgot to take it to where he was instructed. Brieg frowned, if he gave the book back he couldn’t read it any more and he didn’t want that, the book was teaching him to read! Brieg would do anything for the book and now Ricknar wanted to take it back? Lucky he didn’t have it on him. “oh I forgot” he said sheepishly as Ricknar’s face returned to normal.

Klaus and Anierra had finished off the last of the ghouls and the zealot overheard the exchange and was furious. Ricknar explained that he found the book in Ondurin Vonrueter’s chambers and was intending to give it to his master so he could destroy it. When they were arrested by Andre Vogel Ricknar gave it to Brieg so Brieg could get to his master as quick as possible but now the book was must have corrupted Brieg’s mind somehow.

Klaus was could barely contain his rage. He knew Ricknar had that thing all along and he had not suspected it was an evil grimoire, they should have told him so he could have given to the church, the proper method of disposing of foul tomes. Klaus and Ricknar demanded to Brieg to take them to the book, Brieg was having a hard time remembering where he put it (much to Ricknar’s aghast and Klaus’s fury) but eventually remembered he left it at the inn he was staying in.

The Inn

Klaus stormed into the red moon inn, the party behind him. The inn keepers eyes widened and he yelled for them to get out, earlier in the day he had expelled them for consorting with a ghost and now they were back to cause more trouble? Not on his watch. Anierra tried to explain the situation but was cut off by Klaus threatening the man into submission, fortunately for him the inn keeper was a devout man and was more than willing to comply.

Klaus force marched the frightened Brieg upstairs and the party ransacked the room in search of the book. They couldn’t find it. Klaus threatened Brieg and insulted him, Brieg was lying, he had hidden it but Ricknar thought otherwise. Brieg panicked, he really didn’t know where it was and he really did thought he left it in the room.

Klaus marched the panicked Brieg downstairs and asked the innkeeper had any body been in the room from which he replied no, he told the innkeeper that should he see the whereabouts of Brieg’s book he was to report it to the cult of Sigmar immediately

Outside Klaus grabbed Brieg and pushed him into the wall and started shouting. Anierra and Ricknar were on Brieg’s side but Klaus would have none of it, justifying his actions to the skeptical Elf while a terrified Brieg sobbed loudly. Klaus redoubled his efforts on Brieg and suddenly he stopped. Brieg was telling the truth, he really didn’t know where the book was, it’s foul magic had played the simple minded man for a fool.

Klaus stormed off, he was going to organise a search warrant of the inn and he didn’t want to see Brieg’s face for the rest of the night. Anierra had enough of the group as well, in one day she had woken up in a jail cell courtesy of Ricknar, she had found out her hated future family lives in this accursed city and she had been attacked by ghouls. Anierra had had enough of Klaus and his band of fools and she stormed off hating herself for she was about to ask a certain someone a favour that she could stay the night, one she knew she would inevitably regret in the future.

Ricknar said he needed to talk to his master about the abilities of this grimoire, regretting his decision to give it to Brieg in the first place and took the teary eyed commoner with him.

End Session

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