Sigmar's Heirs

Revenant - Session 2

Investigate, Investigate, Investigate...

Anierra and Klaus stood outside the temple of Sigmar and discussed their options. The ghost haunts every day at early evening so they had plenty of time until they meet it again , they eventually decided to check the garden of Morr.

The pair made their way to the garden outside the city and was suprised it was in poor repair. The once proud walls were falling apart and it was evident that the bodies of the poor were improperly buried. The party found the chief priest of Morr, an old morose man by the name of Schadrach Burke, and they were surprised to find he was the only one left.

Father Burke explained that the recent outbreak of Ghoulpox which originated in the nearby town of Hugeldal had a terrible impact on Ubersreik. The plague wiped out a good portion of the cities poor and in handling the disease many of the tending priests were carried off as well while handling the dead. The only people he had left other than himself were two grave wardens and they had recently employed a hireling by the name of Vunter but let him go when the work died down.

Father Burke mentioned that the dead had to be buried in shallow graves to keep up the demand and due to the poor status of the wolves they have had problems with feral dogs digging up the bodies and carrying them off, with only two grave wardens left it was impossible to keep watch every night.

The party asked to see the graves of the spirits as they were known to originate from here. Father Burke agreed and told them that they rise every day at sunset and return several hours later. The father explained that five days ago the spirits graves were dug up and their bones were stolen and the spirits rose and began haunting the town. Father Burke showed them to the grave where the spirits rose from and in the process met a pistolier by the name of Friedrich Nöbbelmeis von Baumenrauch with a severe hangover.

Frederich was looking into the hauntings under his own accord and aside from being jovial, he was not particularly helpful. The tombstone at the head of the grave read “salvation by fire for witching – Uwe and Ella Shiergen – 2502”. Anierra asked what that meant and Klaus replied when heretics are burnt they are purified of their taint by fire, the elf replied in it’s usual sarcastic condescending tone about the validity of the claim but was ignored by it’s fellow party members.

Klaus investigated the area around the grave and found several sets of footprints all about the garden. The first set was a pair of booted prints, they were the least common and were evident near the Schiergen grave. The second were many different sets of bare human prints, mainly evident around the hastily dug brass tier grave sites and dug up graves while the third set where wolves or feral dogs Father Burke had mentioned.

The party then decided to head back into town and do some research on the Schiergens at the temple of Sigmar, on the way they ran into Brieg whom they had not seen since they were arrested yesterday afternoon. Brieg had apparently done some high quality adventuring work in their absence and had found out several leads and one of them he was about to act upon it. Brieg had heard that the ghost of a woman (whom the party believed to be Ella Schiergen) was haunting the Farhof manor, Brieg knew where that was when he followed the ghost the previous night.

The party looked on with jaw dropped. Brieg had followed the ghost about town and said it like it was no big deal. Frederich was impressed, either this poorly attired filthy man was too stupid to show fear or he was far more brave and intelligent than anyone he had met before.

The party headed off to the Farhoff manor where they met Hilda (a very well dressed servant) and Lord Jacob Farhoff. Lord Farhoff was wintering inside the city but when these hauntings occurred he sent his wife and children out to their riding ranch in the hills and remained behind with Hilda to get to the bottom of the supernatural situation.

Lord Farhoff (as politely as he could) told the party of the haunting by the headless woman and that he would pay the group a week’s mercenary wages if they were to stop them. Frederich said he would do it for free to help a fellow nobleman out to Lord Farhoff offered him a discount at his ranch. The meeting continued with Anierra asking vague favours from Lord Farhoff and Brieg’s innocent disregard for his betters and his prioritisation of hunger almost brought the Lord to a fit of rage. Luckily for the group Klaus’s forthright and zealous nature struck a cord with the Lord and he kept his rage in check, besides Lord Farhoff needed all the help he could get.

Throughout the discussion the party learned that the original owner of the establishment was Thomas Farhoff, a famous witch hunter who operated in the region around the time of Magnus the Pious (the group making a mental note that that that was around the time of the Schiergen burning and assumed it was Thomas Farhoff who passed judgement on the restless occupants of the Shciergen grave). Klaus said he would stay here the night and watch the ghost, Lord Farhof hesitantly said he could arrange for him to stay, Anierra quietly assuming the connection between the master and his servant was slightly more then professional.

Suddenly everyone else in the group wanted to stay overnight for their own separate reasons and Lord Farhoff threw a tantrum at the sheer audacity of the group. Klaus practically threw his fellow party members out of the house in a shameful rage and told the Lord that he would be back in sunset. Lord Farhof nodded in reply, grateful that Klaus had rounded these disrespectful louts out of his vicinity and went back to his business in the sitting room. Anierra had a few more words to Hilda on the way out, trying to gauge the Lord’s connection with his beautiful and well dressed “servant” but did not press her heavily on the matter.

Outside the estate Klaus was ropeable. Frederich was too chummy, Anierra was presumptuous and Brieg was outright rude to Lord Farhoff. This was not the way to deal with a serious situation or how to talk to a fine Lord such as Farhoff, regardless of their social station. Klaus stormed off and commented that he was off to the temple of Sigmar to research the Schiergens and did not wait for the rest of the group.

Anierra said that it had some personal things to take care of in the city. Brieg asked Anierra why she was so mean to Klaus all the time which confused Frederich as he assumed that Anierra was a he and had heard Klaus refer to Anierra several times as a he. Frederich then asked if Anierra was in fact a she like Brieg thought or a he like Klaus thought. Anierra stood shaking in rage and Frederich assumed the elf’s constant bad temper was the caused by “that time of the month” and took Brieg with him leaving the elf by itself.

After terrifying a local while asking directions Anierra found itself before a strange sight. In the market square was a grand old manor house adorned with the banners of the Pheonix King. The door of the manor was carved from Laurelorn oak and the elf assumed this was where it’s dreaded past would catch up to it, the Elf was lonely for it’s own kind and that glass of wine given to it by Lord Dickow brought everything back, why in the entire Old World had house Llefen settled here? By some sick foresight had they planned there wayward prize would stumble back into their arms, long before it had ever dreamed of escaping? No matter where Anierra hid it’s responsibilities came back to haunt it. It was time to front up, take responsibility and at least make it’s presence known after all marriage was inevitable. It’s not like Anierra could wait for it’s future to spouse to die of old age, they were elves after all.

Anierra knocked on the door and was greeted with surprise by a High Elf servant whom led the Elf into a ornate sitting room. There Anierra was greeted by Lorith Ayane, envoy of the Pheonix King whom Anierra bowed deeply (and sighed with relief uponj seeing). Lorith (who had called herself Lorith Silverleaf as she disapproved of the bastardised pronunciation of her last name by the local humans and dwarfs) introduced herself and asked of Anierra’s business in Ubersreik. Anierra basically told Lorith (who was surprised that the eldest scion of such an influential family was wandering around a land as distasteful as the Empire) that the Elf was lonely and wished to seek employment out of it’s own kind. Lorith apologised as she had no positions available but directed Anierra to the two elven merchants in town. House Llefen imported Ulthuan wine and is almost solely responsible for the entire supply of elven wine in southern Reikland while house Heirranai imported Elven silks and traded with southern Reikland and across the border to Bretonnia.

Anierra inwardly died that it’s suspicions were confirmed about house Llefen’s presence in Ubersreik were well founded but was intrigued about house Herainai. The elf thanked Lorith who replied that her doors were always open to a Swordsmaster of Hoeth and bid Anierra farewell.

Klaus, Brieg and Frederich were hard at work at the the temple of Sigmar’s library. Gunther Emming had given them access to the historical confessions given by those who confessed heresy and witch craft to templars of Sigmar before they were executed, records which went back over one thousand years. Gunter had also lent the party an initiate as for the most part the current party members researching were basically illiterate. With diligent work by Dieter and Klaus (Klaus being the only one who could effectively piece together a sentence) the party discovered some interesting facts.

The trial of the Schiergens was conducted by Thomas Farhoff and there confessions were laboriously. The Schiergens were quote “Bathed in blood and were worshipping a being by the name of Sir Bandic the Blood Dragon”. The second part of the confession detailed alledged plans to over throw the cult of Sigmar in Ubersreik and some minor details about a hairy, beast-like man. Frederich gave Dieter five brass for his troubles and the adventures mused over the day’s events.

End Session

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