Sigmar's Heirs

A long Hiatus

Well. We gamed a few sessions after this one and took a long break, here’s the low down on what happened before I get into proper posting again.

The party questioned Klex, found the location of a vampire. Fought and killed him. Upon returning to Ubersreik Brieg was arrested for necromancy. The party gathered his defense and Klaus represented him at the trial. Gunther Emming allowed this on one condition, if Brieg was found guilty Klaus would not be allowed to become a witch hunter. Klaus agreed. Brieg was found guilty at the trial and was burnt to death.

A year passed. Klaus has abandoned Sigmar and turned into a Thug and an alcoholic and began wandering the world in a drunken stupor taking jobs, beating people and being a common lowlife. Klaus his haunted by Brieg’s death and see’s visions of his old friend and Ondurin VonRueter’s evil book managed to find itself in Klaus’s possesion.

Ricknar was sent on “work experience” of sort by his master and joined the Olde World League for a year, serving as a battle mage. On one Olde World League job Ricknar met Morr the god of death and Ricknar has since been studying the scripts of Morr believing that Morr’s visit was an omen and that Morr’s priesthood was his true calling, not the Bright College.

Anierra hung up her sword and armour and worked for Caoifell L’eth Heirrannai as an envoy, selling silk to nobles and wholesalers in the Ubersreik region. She employed Anya Vonrueter as a servant and spent her time educating and training her new employee between seeing clients.

Friedrich left Ubersreik shortly after Brieg’s death and returned to the army.

It had been one year since Brieg’s death and the party re-united in Ubersreik. Klaus was keen to exact revenge upon Gunther Emming, Ricknar had finished his one year contract with the Olde World League and decided to report in to his master and Anierra was grudgingly excited to see her “friends” again as she was suffering from a serious case of wanderlust in her semi retirement.

Klaus went looking for a job and was hired by a scumbag to remove another scumbag. Anierra was excited to finally be doing something and Klaus was looking forward to killing someone however Ricknar wanted nothing to do with the situation. The party agreed on at least observing the target beforehand but was invited to a fancy dress ball by Caoifell, Anierra, more keen on partying then murder nowadays, accepted with glee and forced her team mates to attend.


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